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Let the scents of oregano and garlic and the fragrance of coffee and cinnamon take you back to a simpler yet tastier place. Our cooks know all the secrets of fine Greek Cuisine. And with all food items available continuously during Festival hours, you can take this trip as often as you would like so that you can sample some of the best Greek food in Las Vegas.



A marvelous way to indulge yourself and taste all that Greek cooking has to offer. This plate consists of either Lamb or Greek Chicken, Dolmathes, Pastitsio, Greek Salad and Rice Pilaf

GYRO (YEE-RO) - $8.00

The succulent gyro meat is sliced and served on a pita with diced onions, tomatoes, and topped with Tzatziki(Cucumber) sauce. Try it with an order of Greek fries for an extra dollar.

SOUVLAKI  - Chicken - $8.00 / Pork - $8.00

Grilled marinated pork or chicken served on a pita with diced onions, tomatoes, and topped with Tzatkiki(Cucumber) sauce. Try it with an order of Greek fries for an extra dollar


Potato wedges, seasoned with lemon and spices Greek style.

$8.00 - Large
$6.00 - Small

Fresh greens topped with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, feta cheese and Kalamata olives, sprinkled with olive oil, vinegar and oregano dressing.


Beef, rice and spices mixed and rolled in tender grape leaves. Baked in lemon sauce.

SAGANAKI - $8.00

Pan fried Kasseri cheese with a splash of brandy and a flame.

CALAMARI - $7.00

Breaded, prepared and deep fried Greek style.


Greek sausage with orange zest, grilled to perfection.


Layers of ground beef and macaroni topped with cream sauce and baked.

SPANAKOPITA - $2.00 Each

Spinach, feta cheese, eggs and herbs stuffed in buttery fillo and baked to perfection.

TIROPITA - $2.00 Each

Greek cheese and herbs stuffed in buttery fillo and bakedto perfection.


A white tangy cheese from goats milk along with tomatoes and the world's finest black olives.


Top off your meal with one of the many homemade Greek pastries. Pastries are sold individually or packaged in an assortment box. If you like sweets, this Festival will be your paradise.


Deep fried light dough balls drenched with honey and cinnamon. Served piping hot!

DIPLES (Thee-pless)

Mouth watering deep fried flaky pastry, smothered in honey, nuts and cinnamon.


Layers of fillo dough, nuts, honey and spices. (Assorted varieties)


Butter twist cookies for dipping in coffee.


Rounded butter cookie, baked and smothered in powdered sugar.


Oval shaped nut cookies, honey dipped, and topped with cinnamon and nuts.


Nut and spice mixture, rolled in shredded dough, soaked in honey and baked.


Delicious mouth watering honey/walnut cake.


Our very best! Fillo dough filled with custard, baked and topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Served hot from the oven./p>


In any Greek village, the natural gathering place is the KAFENION or coffee house. Here you can sip both Greek and American coffees and iced Frappe as you enjoy our mouth watering pastries and LOUKOUMATHES (honey-sweetened fritter pastries prepared on the festival grounds).


Traditional Greek butter cookies, lightly sweetened with a delicate hint of Ouzo. These hand braided twists are especially good with morning coffee or afternoon tea. These are a children’s favorite. (*Nut-free item) Storage: Up to 6 months in airtight container.


These delicious orange Sesame Log cookies are made without butter and eggs and are traditionally served with coffee, tea or milk.(*Nut-free item, dairy- free item, Lenten cookie)Storage: Last for months in airtight container…freeze well too.


Traditional Greek shortbread cookies, light & fluffy with a rich almond flavor and a hint of Metaxa (Greek brandy). Topped with powdered sugar, they crumble in your mouth and leave you wanting more. Storage: They will last for months in an airtight container, just sprinkle more powdered sugar on them prior to serving.

FINIKIA - $1.00 for two

Honey-dipped orange-butter cookies with a touch of cinnamon and topped with chopped walnuts. Great as an after dinner desert or as a brunch cookie. Storage: Can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week.

ZAHARO KOULOURIA - $1.00 for two

Greek Sugar Snaps are a hard cookie with a touch of cinnamon that melts in your mouth. Great as an afternoon snack or anytime you want something sweet. (*Nut-free item)Storage: They will last for a month stored in an airtight container.

AMIGDALO KOULOURIA - $1.00 for two

Round Almond cookies are lightly flavored and sweetened. Great with coffee, tea…or just by itself. Storage: Long lasting stored in an airtight container.


Greek biscotti type cookie with a hint of orange juice and cinnamon. These are a children’s favorite. (*dairy-free item, Lenten cookie)Storage: They will last for months in an airtight container but will get crumbly after awhile. Use the crumbs with yogurt and fruit for a nice snack.


Multi-layers of crisp, buttery paper-thin phyllo dough filled with sugary, spiced ground nut layers. Then baked to perfection and when cool, topped in a fragrant honey-syrup. Storage: Stores real well frozen for a few months and in the refrigerator up to one week.


Our Classic Baklava dipped in luxurious dark chocolate.


Our Classic Baklava with layers of semi-dark chocolate shavings then lightly drizzled with semi-dark chocolate on top.


Our Classic Baklava with mocha and caramel added within the layers and then drizzled with additional mocha and caramel syrup on top.


One of the most famous phyllo pastries, Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert. Made with semolina, the custard-filling is wrapped in buttery paper-thin phyllo dough into rolls. Once baked, a light, citrus syrup is poured on top. (*Nut-free item) Storage: Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a few days.


A Greek light pumpkin pie – Pumpkin, raisins, nuts & cinnamon are wrapped in buttery paper-thin phyllo dough into rolls. Topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon and nuts.(*Available nut-free by request)Storage: Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week.

MILO SOURAGLI - $2.00 Each

A Greek light apple pie - Apple, raisins and cinnamon are wrapped in buttery paper-thin phyllo dough into rolls. Topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon. (*Nut-free item)


A Greek dessert made of thin sheet-like dough which has been rolled into long, thin strips & then curled. Once formed, they are deep fried in hot oil until cooked, then dunked in a honey syrup. They are then coated with cinnamon & nuts for a wonderfully thin, crumbly, and surprisingly light desert for special occasions.

KARIDOPITA - $2.00 Each

A Greek rich walnut and cinnamon cake soaked in a light honey lemon syrup. Storage: Should be eaten within a few days for best taste.

REVANI - $2.00 Each

A Greek semolina cake with a light lemon-vanilla syrup. (*Nut-free item) Storage: Should be eaten within a few days for best taste.


Slightly-sweet Greek dessert bread that has been braided, topped with sesame seeds and then baked. Loaded with fresh ingredients, it has a slightly orange sweet taste and is a great breakfast bread. Can be eaten a variety of ways but our favorite is with some cream cheese or butter and a cup of coffee. (*Nut-free item) Storage: Can be kept up to a week if tightly sealed but once opened, should be eaten within a day or microwave to soften after that.
Mini-Tsourekia will be in the platters (they are just mini-versions of our full loaf Tsourekia. Full loaf Tsourekia will be available on pre-order. Please ask your Kafe representative when you call your order in.


To add further to your dining enjoyment, several varieties of Greek and American beer and wines will be available for purchase. A mixed drink that we call an "Ouzorita" is a frozen strawberry margarita mix with ouzo instead of tequila.

Mythos Beer - $6/bottle
Metaxa - $6/shot
Ouzo - $6/shot
Ouzorita - $6/glass
Greek Wine (red/white) - $5/glass
Greek Wine (red/white) - $16/bottle

Miller Light - $5/bottle

SOFT DRINKS & WATER - $2.00 Each

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